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General Practitioners

June 27, 2017 • admin

How a general practice lawyer might work, and how LIVIA can help.


A general practice lawyer must manage a wide variety of potential clients and client needs. The client base is typically individuals and small businesses. The lawyer must provide information regarding applicable law and explanations of various legal and regulatory processes.

Engagement Process:

When lawyers are actually hired, an engagement letter / agreement is agreed and signed; as it sets the terms and conditions of the fee arrangement between the lawyer and client.

The amount of intake information to be taken from the client is often varied. And a number of sets of forms should be available / used during client intake. Forms / requirements / information for personal injury, divorce, and minor criminal cases would be included at the top of the typical general practice list.


Monies are typically made by the lawyer from flat fees for uncontested matters; minor court hearings and the like; or through hourly rates. Cost control during the entire engagement process is of utmost importance for flat fee cases, and detailed time keeping, including interim billing, is vital when fees are charged at an hourly rate. Moreover, in hourly fee cases the lawyer or firm often requests a retainer that is then reduced as hourly fees are incurred, and then “topped up” to pre-agreed levels when necessary to protect the lawyer or firm from too significant an outlay.

Types of Cases / Processes:

The kinds of cases involved range from real estate closings, to divorces, to personal injury cases, to traffic tickets, to establishing small corporations with the related business filing obligations, to writing contracts. Often small personal bankruptcies and consumer complaint cases are part of the practice. Forms fill-ins, and standardized documents are typically provided by lawyers or firms to clients.

Court Process:

If court filings and proceedings take place, it is typically for traffic or similar misdemeanor offenses, for personal injury, for divorce, or contract disputes (personal services, real estate or similar matters).

Before any trial takes place, there are often court ordered conferences and /or mediation.

Once trial is set, however, as part of the discovery process witnesses and documents must be managed, depositions taken, and motions, briefs and other pleadings filed and heard.

Typically, only a very small percentage of cases are actually tried.

Client Issues With Lawyers:

Frequently, complaints against general practice lawyers relate to:

  • Lack of / failures in communication,
  • Inadequate preparation for court ordered conferences or proceedings,
  • Poor description / documentation of hourly billing,
  • Lack of understanding by the client of the legal process and steps / risks involved for the particular matter.

Many of these complaints are expectation and communication based.

If a lawyer uses the LIVIA client portal effectively, which calendars items as to timing and status, and provides records / copies / updates of correspondence and activities (calls, emails and documents); and manages the matter(s) in a timely and effective matter, much of the basis for any complaint is reduced or eliminated altogether – and a greater degree of client satisfaction can occur.

Often the communication problem is on the client side, and the lawyer has little or no documentation; and therefore cannot support a position vis-à-vis what a client said or did.

In this process, there are a number of elements of the LIVIA Portal and ancillary services that are useful in ensuring that there is highly professional management of the matter / case and process.

These elements focus on information intake, management, control and usage of information throughout the course of the lawyer / client engagement, as well as on LIVIAN support of these requirements.

How LIVIA Benefits General Practice Lawyers:

LIVIA Portal Usage
Legal Practice Process
1 Opportunities Use of LIVIA Opportunities to process and maintain new account / client opportunities.
All new opportunities and related information is placed in the portal and tracked. If actions need to be taken regarding moving the opportunity forward, and dates set for meetings or proposals, they can be logged, monitored and coordinated.
2 Forms Use of LIVIA Forms to provide client / firm based data and relevant information regarding accounts / clients.
When an opportunity moves to account / client status, the (a) client intake form, and (b) client engagement letter is prepared. As well as various lists of information the client must provide, such as tax returns, financial statements, age / status of children, and other information necessary to the case.
In states where there are “form” filings, the list of information necessary for the client to provide can be standardized, monitored and if desirable completed by LIVIANs in conjunction with the client.
3 Client Portal Use of LIVIA Client Portals to document contacts with the client, and manage client expectations.
All necessary forms and documents / agreements are effectively “placed” in the client portal.
Client forms can be filled out in a secure environment, calendars of events can be provided, and the client has access to all key / relevant information in the case at any time desired. The client can communicate with the lawyer / firm through the portal securely and a record is kept of all communications.
4 Matter Management Use of LIVIA Matter Management to manage all correspondence, pleadings, documents, emails and other relevant information relating to the account / client matter.
All of this material is provided In one place under each matter; and accessible anytime, anywhere, and can be updated, monitored and serviced by LIVIANs.
LIVIANs can be utilized in conjunction with the functionality of the LIVIA portal to maintain versions of various pleadings / documents. And / or specific case related workspace portals can be established to ensure that information transfer and ongoing processes are transparent and efficient with opposing counsel.
If documents need to be summarized, chronologies prepared, or witnesses notified of hearings; LIVIANs can be utilized in support. If information must be obtained from various sources, LIVIANs can send emails, correspondence and place calls to ensure that it is obtained in a timely manner.
5 Time & Expense Management Use of LIVIA Time & Expense Management to manage the amount of time spend on particular account / client matters and to document all expenses.
Regarding time and expenses, this can be done “real time” with updates to client portals, so as not to cause undue surprise at the time of resolution. Often retainers are taken, and clients want the status of what is remaining, and lawyers / firms need to know when the retainer needs to be “topped up.”
6 Calendar Management Use of LIVIA Calendar Management to keep different calendar views of account / client matters and necessary activities and proceedings.
Each participant in the matter can have an independent calendar view of what must be done and when, and have notification of any meetings, hearing, conferences or other necessary activities.
7 Campaigns Use of LIVIA Campaigns to follow-up with successful client stories, and to obtain references. LIVIA can follow up with clients, and within legal bounds utilize the data for new client reference campaigns.
If witnesses must be notified of proceedings, and attendance confirmations must be received, the campaign tool can be used to independently track notices and follow-up on responses and issues in timing / attendance.
8 Web Sites Use of LIVIA Web Site services to ensure that the lawyer / firm have an up to date and appealing web presence. LIVIA can ensure that the lawyer / firm maintains professional and consistent web identity / communications.
9 LIVIA Dashboards Use LIVIA Dashboards to maintain and understand key metrics relating to the administration and profitability of the practice.
Once on the LIVIA platform, and with proper input of data; the lawyer / firm can keep track of new client opportunities, the value of these opportunities, outstanding account / client matters, the value of account / client matters and potential settlement timing / revenue, time and costs to ensure profitability by account / client and a number of other key practice intelligence parameters.
10 Use of LIVIANs Use of LIVIANs to assist with account / client intake information, client portals and portal information, calendar management, matter / document management, time / expense recording, document digests, accessing / obtaining information and other tasks.
LIVIANs are available on call around the clock to assist with the necessary tasks required to manage clients and their matters professionally and effectively.

Small Law Firms

June 27, 2017 • admin

Sole Practitioners & Small Law Firms

Leveling the playing field and providing a real edge.

In order to increase revenues, enhance efficiencies, control costs, and mitigate risk, Legal Professionals must continue to evolve their practice. This is particularly true for the sole practitioner and small law firm.

Often Legal Professionals have software and systems in place, but do not use them effectively. Data is not entered on a consistent basis, information is not properly categorized or filed, and no intelligence can be gathered from the systems to effectively manage the practice. LIVIA not only provides a technology Portal and services platform, it assigns qualified professionals to the Legal Professional to manage the LIVIA processes and systems on a daily basis, as well as to provide on-demand reports.

LIVIA Provides Customized Services, Technology and Collaborative Tools

Same Capabilities for all Lawyers

LIVIA provides the same capabilities to the individual lawyer or small firm that are typically only available to well-staffed large firms. This not only levels the playing field, but provides an edge to the Legal Professional using LIVIA.

Practice Management

Legal Professionals utilize the same tools to manage their practices effectively – whether they work alone, in firms or in corporations. But these capabilities and tools typically are not in one offering, are not fully staffed and managed, and are not cloud accessible.

Single Integrated Platform

LIVIA has built a comprehensive and collaborative law practice management platform; broad in functionality, deep in support capability, accessible in the cloud, secure in the storage of documents and other data, and supported by knowledgeable professionals. The LIVIA Platform can be augmented by the Law Professional’s specific service needs.

Professional Services

LIVIA provides a full range of services, both strategic and tactical, to make the Legal Professional more effective. Services on demand include scheduling calls and meetings, managing documents, collecting time and expenses, preparing billings, and providing and reviewing business analytics.

Performance of Tasks

Legal Professionals are inundated with time-consuming tasks. Using qualified LIVIA professionals for staff support, allows the Legal Professional to make optimum use of his or her time and money. Legal Professionals can use their in-house personnel to generate revenue, not perform repetitive or analytical functions.

Client Portals

LIVIA changes the way Legal Professionals interact with their clients, by providing individual client Portals for documents, calendars, billings and other activities; as well as allowing a secure two-way exchange of information and documents. The individual portals allow for improved client satisfaction, and the ability for the Legal Professional to have greater insight into client needs.


LIVIA enhances the way Legal Professionals, staff, other lawyers, and consultants communicate and work together; by allowing for secure workspaces, and document version and other process controls.

Pricing to Individual Lawyers and Firms

Because LIVIA is spreading the cost of software development and implementation across a broad base, as Salesforce.comTM does for sales management, and Netsuite.comTM does for general business, LIVIA pricing is a monthly subscription fee based on the depth of services with additional charges for extended services as and when requested.

Shelter / BOT Operations

LIVIA provides the ability to have dedicated and lawyer or firm-managed IT, administrative support, and legal support personnel located within LIVIA’s offices; allowing continued use of and/or transition from current technology, and dedicated administrative and legal support personnel. LIVIA provides each of these capabilities, and the day-to-day staffing in support.


LIVIA is concerned about conflicts and confidentiality. LIVIA structures its internal legal professional services work groups to avoid geographic and practice overlap. If it appears to any work group that there is overlap on cases or matters; the Client will be immediately be notified and transferred out of the work group to another professional team.

If there is a particular firm or case / matter which is subject to particular legal sensitivity, and LIVIA is so notified by a client, LIVIA will ensure that there is no risk of data or personnel overlap by internally isolating the client and / or case / matter.

Medium & Large Law Firms

June 25, 2017 • admin

LIVIA Provides Medium and Large Law Firm Solutions

Full scope services, technology, and on-demand support.

LIVIA provides its Portal, dedicated personnel, facilities and other agreed services and support to medium sized and large law firms.

Budget constraints and personnel cuts frequently create heavy burdens on Law Firm professional staff with no let up on the amount of work expected. LIVIA can help, both by taking on day to day repetitive administrative tasks and by providing a resource pool that can rapidly respond to critical practice needs. All of this can be accomplished at a cost that is dramatically less than the engagement of typical internal or external resources.

The Law Firm shelter and LIVIA general support are supplied on a LIVIA weekly / monthly / yearly hire or by project. Qualified personnel are assigned as necessary on a shift or project basis.

Medium sized and large Law Firms can choose to maintain partial to full operational control of personnel, legal product, training and processes; and LIVIA will provide the necessary services, technology and facilities framework to support agreed requirements.

What are the Available LIVIA Technology Options?

The LIVIA Client can be supported by a variety of technology options:

  • LIVIA technology platform on shared infrastructure; where the Law Firm and in-house support staff use the LIVIA portal.
  • LIVIA technology platform on dedicated infrastructure managed by LIVIA; with customized software enhancements if requested.
  • LIVIA software on infrastructure managed by the Law Firm; with LIVIA providing ongoing software support and customized software enhancements if requested.
  • Any of the above in conjunction with LIVIA use / support of existing software and technology solutions in place at the Law Firm.

What are the Shelter & BOT Options Available?

The outsourced services process is often called a shelter or BOT (build, operate, and transfer) operation. LIVIA shelters the Client with services, technology, facilities and administration, and other Client designated support services. If at any point, the Law Firm chooses to have a fully independent operation, LIVIA will transfer over all requisite resources to the Law Firm, having built and operated the infrastructure for an agreed period.

What are the Available LIVIA Professional Services?

LIVIA professionals can be provided, including: Personal Assistant, Legal Assistant, and Legal Associate.

Existing software and expert systems can be staffed and managed, and further agreed services performed.

  • Administrative Specific Services – Scheduling, Telephone, Email, Document Management, Clerical Support.
  • Project Specific Services – Research, Documents, Pleadings, Correspondence.
  • Product Specific Services – Web Sites, SEO, AV, Brochures and Marketing Material.

What are the Available LIVIA Shelter Activities?

Shelter Activities can include:

  • LIVIA Platform Maintenance and Administration
  • Designated Professional Staff Support Services
  • File and Document Support
  • Hardware and Software Maintenance
  • Management of Client Designated Software Packages (such as SharePoint or trademark filings / maintenance software)
  • Monthly Billings and Financial Administration
  • Designated Projects Provision and Oversight

LIVIA support can be supplied on a LIVIA weekly / monthly hire or by project. Qualified personnel are assigned on a corporation or project basis. 24/7 Help desk services are available on all LIVIA activities.

Corporate General Counsel Solutions

June 20, 2017 • admin

Control of company and board requirements, and external counsel.

Corporate General Counsel’s (“CGC”) offices and Corporate Law Departments have many of the same operating issues as Law Firms, but often with significant additional responsibilities such as managing external counsel, supporting board activities, maintaining corporate legal compliance, maintaining intellectual property and managing contract renewals.

What is Provided to Corporate General Counsel?

LIVIA offers a version of the LIVIA Portal and support platform designed specifically for the needs of corporate in-house law departments. Key capabilities include:

• Support for External Counsel

Ability for external counsel, consultants and others to view, edit and maintain documents, status, tasks, comments, time and expenses, and filings in the Portal, with access and viewing rights as specified / controlled by the General Counsel’s office.

• Support for Board Activities

Ability for board members to access a board-specific Portal where board documents, filings, and notices can be posted, feedback received, and votes recorded; along with sub-portals for committees where necessary.

• Compliance Monitoring

Ability to track and follow up on ongoing / repetitive actions as needed to ensure corporate filings and contract renewals. Patent and trademark filings are managed appropriately. Included is the abilitiy to send notifications, track the status of responses and escalate if necessary.

• Contract Portfolio Management

Ability to track all contracts executed by the corporation, with summaries of key terms, expiration dates, corporate business ownership, and renewal status. Ability to notify the business owner and law department in advance of renewal date to assess the business relationship and determine a renewal strategy.

• Intellectual Property Management

Ability to track patent applications and issued patents, trademark applications and granted trademarks. Ability to notify business owner and General Counsel’s office in advance of renewal dates to assess renewal decision and track IP maintenance costs.

• Litigation Management

Ability to track all litigation activities including nature of litigation, venue, costs, exposure, status, action plans, and risks.

• Budgeting

Ability to track internal and external costs against budget, time spent on matters; all by department, and by activity.

Corporate General Counsel Services

Budget constraints and personnel cuts frequently create heavy burdens on the professional staff with no let up on the amount of work expected. LIVIA can help, both by taking on day to day repetitive administrative tasks and by providing a resource pool that can rapidly respond to critical business needs at a cost that is dramatically less than the engagement of typical external resources.

LIVIA support can be supplied on a weekly / monthly basis, or by project. Qualified personnel are assigned on a shift or project basis. 24/7 Help desk services are available on all LIVIA activities.

LIVIA Services & Support

June 15, 2017 • admin

Accounting support, billing statements, collections and technology help desk

LIVIA Offerings Support Revenue Enhancement & Cost Control

The broader spectrum of LIVIA specialized services include a number of offerings that allow Legal Professionals and their staff to spend more time practicing law and generating revenue. Why should the Lawyers and their staff have to perform non-legal and principally administrative tasks, when a specialist can do it better and more economically? LIVIA services and support include:

LIVIA Practice Support

LIVIA can organize files and related materials, manage document versions (including check-in and check-out), and assemble document and exhibit packages; based on the request of Legal Professionals and their staff.

This allows all Clients have on-call assistance to perform more sophisticated tasks that arise in the day-to-day practice of law.

LIVIA Accounting and Billing Statement Support

LIVIA is available to provide accounting support as well as specific services in the assembly and formatting of client billing statements based on time and expense entries in the LIVA Portal, or other time and expense systems. It can administer – under the direction of the Legal Professional – any editing and other steps in the billing statement process necessary for delivery to clients. This fully addresses the need to have ongoing or periodic assistance in accounting activities and the assembly, formatting and finalization of tailored billing statements to clients, based on the LIVIA Portal time and expense entries, or other entries as directed by the Legal Professional.

LIVIA Collections

LIVIA can assist the Legal Professional and law firms in the collection process. LIVIA has trained collection professionals who can structure the collection process and their activities to meet the specific requirements of the LIVIA Client; as well as to meet jurisdictional and related standards for collection practices.

LIVIA VOIP, On-Line Meeting, and Audio/Video Conference Support

LIVIA is available to select and install an appropriate VOIP service to reduce telephone costs. LIVIA can assist in the use of such services and others – such as, or – to schedule and conduct on-line meetings using documents and exhibits. LIVIA can also provide the ability to set-up, confirm attendance and transcribe as necessary audio and videoconferences. This addresses the Legal Professional’s need to have access to inexpensive, supervised and fully supported VOIP, on-line meeting and audio/video conference services. These activities, particularly in event scheduling and follow-up, take valuable time away from the daily practice of law.

LIVIA Help Desk

Included in LIVIA services is a LIVIA 24/7 Help Desk that provides telephone and on-line assistance to Legal Professionals in the general automation of their practice and firm. This includes addressing technology issues that require advice on hardware and software, non-LIVIA software installation and integration, and contacting and monitoring service representatives of computer manufacturers, software manufacturers, and other service suppliers (such as telecoms regarding broadband connectivity) when there are service or warranty issues. This allows all Clients to have a serious level of technology expertise to determine automation requirements, and then acquire and/or upgrade hardware and software to meet the requirements; as well as the time and effort to “get things fixed” when hardware, software or other contracted services don’t work properly.

Legal Process Outsourcing

June 10, 2017 • admin

On-demand administrative staff and professional legal support services

LIVIA provides highly qualified and experienced administrative, paralegal, and attorney staff to assist Legal Professionals in a wide range of support activities.

LIVIA Emphasizes Professional Support in Day-to-Day Practice

Individual Legal Professionals, Law firms and Corporate General Counsel offices often must deal with limitations on resources or client imposed and/or budgetary cost constraints.

LIVIA allows Legal Professionals and their staff to spend more time practicing law and generating revenue. Why perform non-legal and principally administrative tasks and data entry when a specialist can do it economically and more efficiently?

Why perform document management, abstraction or manage version control when it can be effectively performed by professionals at a substantially reduced cost?

Fully qualified and experienced LIVIA professionals are available – administrative assistants, paralegals, and qualified attorneys – either full time or on an as-needed basis, to schedule meetings, organize files and related materials, manage document versions, or assemble document and exhibit packages; as well as performing legal research and drafting documents under the direction of the Legal Professional

LIVIA Provides Professional Support Services

LIVIA Provides a Wide Range of Services on a “Quick-Source” basis.

LIVIA assists with the provision of high quality services relating to: document assembly and maintenance, client intake forms and related form completion (for personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate or similar services), intellectual property, litigation, general corporate work, as well as business intelligence.

These LIVIA outsource services markedly assist with meeting specific administrative practice, case or project requirements; and allow for cost effective solutions for law firms and general counsel offices.

Contract Assistance

LIVIA can expand the limited or constrained internal resources that Legal Professionals may have, and provide much greater support for document and contract development, maintenance, and revision.

Litigation Assistance

Law firms and corporate law departments are increasingly concerned with cost effective high-quality e-discovery and litigation capabilities. Much of litigation cost relates to document review; and innovative solutions become important. LIVIA outsourcing services provide Law Firms and corporate law departments with high quality, cost-effective document review and litigation support services. LIVIA provides support services in tort litigation, class actions, patent litigation and complex practice disputes. In addition to abstracts and digests, LIVIA’s experienced professionals can review documents for relevance, materiality, confidentiality and privilege.

Research Capabilities

LIVIA also provides legal and business research capabilities to support risk analysis and key business decisions. LIVIA works with Law Firms and corporate law departments to define research needs and to provide memoranda and documents that satisfy requirements. Importantly, LIVIA can effectively work within agreed budget and time allocations.

Our researchers are experienced legal professionals with subject area expertise. LIVIA staff has substantial experience utilizing leading industry research databases.

LIVIA’s legal research capabilities include subject-matter analyses, multi-jurisdictional North America and international reviews, as well specific U.S. Federal and U.S. State research.

Bottom Line – Individual practitioners, Law firms and corporate general counsel are provided on-demand and by-the-project outsourcing. LIVIA can substantially reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

LIVIA Compliance Manager

June 5, 2017 • admin

Managing administrative and regulatory processes and requirements

Compliance Manager Solutions

Corporate General Counsel’s offices and Corporate Departments responsible for business oversight have significant responsibilities such as supporting board activities and maintaining corporate legal compliance.

What is LIVIA Compliance Manager?

LIVIA Compliance Manager (“LCM”) addresses critical corporate functional requirements:

  • To comply with regulatory and other external governmental and non-governmental requirements.
  • To demonstrate corporate compliance.
  • To manage effectively and efficiently, the internal controls required for compliance.
  • To provide reports and information necessary for compliance related corporate governance.

LCM is a stand-alone set of modules under the LIVIA Portal umbrella and has clear applications in several LIVIA verticals.

Why is LCM Relevant to Corporations?

In today’s corporate environment, compliance, controls, transparency and effective reporting are critical elements for successful, well-managed corporate infrastructure and business activities.

Typically, most external compliance requirements and related internal controls are manually driven, resulting in:

  • Significant man-hours.
  • Multiple levels of data handling.
  • Long lead times.
  • Inflexible reporting.
  • Incomplete monitoring.
  • Errors in reporting and filing.

When a regulatory filing or audit is challenged, it is often difficult for Corporations to access necessary response information. Also, following a challenge to a filing or audit, it is often difficult for corporations to develop and monitor any on-going changes that become necessary.

What are the LCM Levels of Service?


Entry-level version of LCM, for Corporations that just want to automate existing processes and controls:

  • Fully automated.
  • Little support required (20 hours per month).
  • Includes compliance (reporting external to the organization and controls activities internal to the organization).
  • Multi-jurisdictional capabilities.

Enterprise version of LCM, for those corporations that require on-going services and support:

  • On-going monitoring.
  • Customized reporting.
  • Added-value modules (including risk management).
  • Premium support.
  • Exclusive, single tenant environment for additional security.
Premium Plus

Additional research and value-add front-end services:

  • LIVIA can provide services (or work with consulting firms) to establish and implement a full compliance system for a Corporation.
  • LIVIA can integrate with existing systems and processes.

What Compliance Support Services are Available?

Budget constraints and personnel cuts frequently create heavy burdens on the corporate professional staff with no let up on the amount of work expected. LIVIA can help, both by taking on day-to-day repetitive administrative tasks and by providing a resource pool that can rapidly respond to critical business needs at a cost that is dramatically less than the engagement of traditional external resources.

LIVIA general support can be supplied as a weekly / monthly / yearly hire or by project. Qualified personnel are assigned as necessary on a shift or project basis. 24/7 Help desk services are available on all LIVIA activities.

LIVIA Is Law Practice Management

May 27, 2017 • admin

LIVIA Is Law Practice Management – as it Should be Today … as it will be Tomorrow

Many Legal Professionals – individually, in firms or in corporations – do not have systems, processes and support that are tailored to their day-to-day practice needs and “make do” with the technology and other infrastructure that is in general use in the workplace.

LIVIA provides the services, technology and support infrastructure needed by Legal Professionals – customized to their needs.

Practice Management

All Legal Professionals require the same capabilities and tools to manage their practices effectively – whether they work alone, in firms or in corporations. Typically, this “legal tool kit” is not found in one offering, nor is it fully staffed, managed and accessible in the cloud.

Single Integrated Platform

LIVIA has built a comprehensive, collaborative law practice management platform. LIVIA is broad in functionality, deep in services, accessible in the cloud, protected by world class security, and supported by knowledgeable professionals.

Same Capabilities for all Lawyers

LIVIA provides tools to the Legal Professional that typically only large, well-staffed firms have access to. LIVIA delivers capabilities to corporate counsel, mid-sized and large law firms that are scalable and constantly tested and improved – benefits only a comprehensive cloud-based portal can provide.

Professional Services

LIVIA provides a full range of services, both strategic and tactical, to make the Legal Professional more effective. Services on demand include scheduling calls and meetings, managing documents, collecting time and expenses, preparing billings, and generating and reviewing practice analytics.

Minimize Unproductive Tasks

Legal Professionals are inundated with time consuming tasks. Using qualified LIVIA professionals for support requirements allows optimum use of time and money. Legal Professionals can focus their in-house personnel on generating revenue, not simply performing repetitive or analytical functions.

Client Portals

LIVIA changes the way Legal Professionals interact with their clients, by providing individual client access to cloud technology to manage documents, calendars, billings and other activities. Furthermore, the client portal affords a completely secure two-way exchange of information and documents. Individual portals contribute to improved client satisfaction and the ability for the Legal Professional to have greater insight into client needs.


LIVIA enhances the way Legal Professionals, staff, other lawyers and consultants work together; by allowing for secure workspaces, transparent communication, document versions and other process controls.


Because LIVIA is spreading the cost of software development and implementation across a broad base, LIVIA pricing can be an affordable monthly subscription fee – whether you are a sole practitioner or a larger law firm. The subscription is based on depth of services.

LIVIA Portal

May 25, 2017 • admin

LIVIA provides a comprehensive digital gateway for the Legal Professional

Smart Workflow & Collaboration

The LIVIA Portal features built-in workflow and enhanced communication capabilities that enable Legal Professionals to streamline, integrate and elevate their core practice processes.

Three Way Interface

The LIVIA Portal has been built to establish a highly collaborative environment with a three (3) way interface.

  • The Legal Professional
  • The LIVIAN
  • The Client

The interface can be fully managed by a LIVIA professional, the “LIVIAN”, who is assigned to the Legal Professional.

Comprehensive Portal Suite

The LIVIA Portal includes Client Relationship Management, Business Development Tools, Matter Management, Time and Expense Management, Practice Analytics and Remote Workspaces.

Home Page

The Home Page includes graphical representations of different facets of the Legal Professional’s practice. Dashboard displays reveal a bird’s eye view of all the information within the LIVIA portal. Alerts provide immediate status updates, and track pending deadlines. Search options locate or filter a contact, account, opportunity or a campaign. Quick links give convenient access to functions within the Portal modules. Online Notes enables the Legal Professional to jot down information that can create a Matter, Task or a Time and Expense Entry.

Elements of the LIVIA Portal Modules

Home Page

• Home – LIVIAN Access & LIVIAN Instructions

The LIVIA Portal allows the Legal Professional to decide how much information will be accessible by the LIVIAN. Access can be allowed or revoked at any time with a single click. The Legal Professional can provide instructions to a LIVIAN via the Portal and also check whether the instruction is completed or still outstanding.

• Home – Favorites

The Favorites section on the Home Page allows subscription to RSS feeds via the LIVIA Portal. It also enables saving Website URLs. The Legal Professional can create quick links to various sections of the Portal by adding them to Favorite Forms. The LIVIAN can assist in setting up the RSS feeds, and saving designated URL’s at the request of the Legal Professional.

Practice Contacts

Practice Contacts has been created to enable the Legal Professional to efficiently manage client relationships. This module enables the storage of all Contacts in an organized manner; allowing access to complete contact information such as telephone number, email address, billing address, practice information, personal information and other relevant details.


Legal Professionals can maintain and manage the details of their relationships with clients and any designated organizations through Accounts. The Accounts module is interlinked with Business Contacts and allows the Legal Professional to store the information of any selected clients and organizations.


The Opportunities module helps the Legal Professional to manage potential revenue- generating prospects. This module has an alert mechanism to thoroughly track and report on follow-ups. All opportunities can be tracked from creation to conversion.


The Matter Management module is a comprehensive tool that allows the Legal Professional to organize and prioritize matter activity. It has a complete document management system with check-in/check-out and a version control option. The Matter Management module also assists in establishing tasks, issues, facts/risks and provides the ability to link them appropriately. This module enables the Legal organization to exercise access control by providing time-bound and team- defined access to information.

Time & Expense

The Time & Expense module enables the Legal Professional to account for the time spent on any kind of work, whether it is matter related or internal. It also assists in recording any expense that has been incurred. This module calculates the exact amount to be billed for the time accounted; and can be edited / adjusted by the Legal Professional.


The Campaigns module is designed to support new business development for the practice. It provides marketing tools, including targeted or large email distributions. It can be used to send mailers to an existing contacts list as well as by importing an external contacts list. The Legal Professional can track the responses received and create opportunities based on these responses.

Reports and Dashboards

The Reports and Dashboards module allows a Legal Professional to analyze and evaluate practice intelligence based on the data that has been stored in the Portal. Reports can be generated across all modules of the Portal such as Practice Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Matters, Time and Expense, and Campaigns. Reports can be customized according to the Legal Professional’s requirements. Specially designed dashboards create a graphical / pictorial view of various aspects of the practice at a single glance. This module equips the Legal Professional with the practice intelligence required to track practice efficiency.


The LIVIA Portal provides the Legal Professional with a Personal Workspace where any kind of files, documents, and links can be stored. Since the Portal is a cloud-based application, the documents stored in Workspace can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection; providing full mobility of information. All the files and documents saved in this module are accessible only by the designated Legal Professional or approved support staff.

Mail Box

This is an integrated electronic Mail Box within the Portal. The unique advantage of this mail box is that it is smart-linked to selected modules within the Portal for ease of access to key information.

LIVIAN Support

A LIVIAN can be instructed by the Legal Professional to enter Portal data, produce reports, or provide any other service relating to managing, organizing or accessing data in the Portal.

LIVIA Capabilities

May 20, 2017 • admin

What is LIVIA?

LIVIA is Full Service Law Practice Management:


What does LIVIA do?

LIVIA sets a new standard in law practice management

LIVIA streamlines law practice management. LIVIA offers a cloud-based software platform, combined with 24/7 dedicated professional staff with no local software installation.

A New Era for the Legal Professional

Because of client demand and aggressive competition, the legal industry is actively moving to a multi-faceted professional environment. This requires sophisticated, on-going administrative support to manage technology and systems as well as day-to-day scheduled activities and comprehensive matter processes.

Full Services and Support

Let lawyers and their local staff practice law, rather than spending time on administration, systems and technology management. LIVIA provides Legal Professionals with full administrative management, legal practice and professional support, as well as business tracking and intelligence capabilities.

Law Firm Practice Evolution

To increase efficiencies, enhance revenues, control costs and better manage risk, Legal Professionals must continue to evolve their practice capabilities.

How does LIVIA help Legal Professionals stay ahead of the curve?


The LIVIA team is on-call day or night. There is a staff of fully qualified LIVIA professionals available on demand to maximize professional time and improve practice management.

Oversight & Coordination

LIVIA provides management tools to oversee and coordinate all practice management activities; including detailed document and matter management as well as time and expense reporting.

Portal Availability for Clients

Client communications can instantly improve with LIVIA. Individual client portals allow clients to view critical calendar activities, emails and documents. Clients can be alerted to important notices, appointments, filings, or court deadlines.


Online project workspaces provide a central, accessible, and virtual location where advisory activities and document preparation can take place with the Legal Professional’s clients, co-counsel, opposing counsel and other external professionals / entities.


Robust and fully certified security systems and processes protect the LIVIA platform and client information. LIVIA’s cloud technology does not interfere with firewalls or cause security issues with existing systems. The LIVIA platform can operate independently or integrate with current systems.

Website & Marketing Opportunities

LIVIA can provide a key marketing advantage in the design, hosting and maintenance of custom-built websites, portals and workspace platforms. Proven search engine optimization (SEO) can provide recognition and search exposure of the Legal Professional’s website.

Shelter / BOT Operations

LIVIA offers innovative, cost saving strategies to Legal Professionals through its shelter operations. A fully dedicated team of administrative staff, IT professionals, and legal support staff is available to the Legal Professional, operating from LIVIA’s offices. This allows continuous support and use of and/or transition from current practice operations, while still allowing significant control to remain with the Legal Professional. Key technology and support capabilities are outsourced by the Legal Professional on a fully supervised basis to experienced professionals.